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This update should occur around 8pm PST.





Kunark zones are being set to PvP with this update.




Plane of War x4 Raid

Commander Goreslaughter and Corpsemaul – The Toll of War curse that each commander casts will not have any variance to its timing.  The curse will show preference to non fighters who are within a reasonable distance of the commander who is casting.  If no non fighter targets are available fighters may still be cursed.


Withered Lands

Hexapola should now drop more than one item when killed.





Fight Through Death now increases the guardian's maximum health by 5% per rank after Unyielding Will triggers.



Ward of Rage now applies to War Cry as a new trigger and now gains potency. The base ward size has been increased by 30%.

Jeering Onslaught now has a 10 meter range.




All Focus Effect Adornments have been refunded for their original purchase price and are no longer available to be purchased.

Sludge-Coated Effigy is now spelled correctly.




Baubles that need to be equipped for use will now function correctly as bauble buttons from the tracker window.

Spies in Qeynos - All five of the quest targets have a much faster respawn time. (Note: If you kill them for the quest, you won’t be able to see them respawn.)

Enter the Shattered Sanctum, Pride Without Prejudice, Fire and Bite, Rockpaw Digger Defeat - Map ROIs are now present in the Qeynos hamlets.

The quest "Stronger Faster Bot" should now properly update upon zoning into Baubbleshire.

The letter that gives you Lilly's next quest should now be available when the proper predicates are met.

The door to Antonia's palace should no longer be closed to those who completed "Best of Intentions".

Marik should properly update "The Eagle and the Hawk" now.

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