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Today we are pleased to announce the opening of two new EverQuest II servers: Grobb (a US-based server) and Splitpaw (located in Europe). Both will be English-language servers. At launch, Splitpaw will be on the same update/restart timers as other English-language servers, but we will soon transition it to have the same restart schedule as the other European servers to better correspond with European play times.
Characters on Runnyeye and Faydark have the option to move to Splitpaw. Characters on Najena, Mistmoore, Unrest, and Permafrost have the option to move to Grobb. There will be no charge for these character moves for those who choose to take advantage of this offer.
Moves will take place in two main phases. Starting today, we have opened the move option for individual characters. Any character that types the "/movelog add" command will be added to the list of characters to be moved. No guild membership or guild status will be preserved for characters who elect to move in this phase, so we recommend this option for those who are unguilded or who don't care to remain in their current guild. These moves will take place over the next several days, depending on demand.
At the end of this week or early next, we will enable the option for guilds to move. Guild leaders who choose to take advantage of this offer will be able to move their guild name, level, and status to the new server. If you would like to move your guild to the new server or wish to be moved along with your guild, please be aware of the following details:
  • If a guild member elects to switch servers but the guild leader is not moving the guild, the character will be unguilded following the transfer since the guild does not exist on the new server.
  • If the guild leader decides to move the guild but an individual member decides not to go, the member will not be in a guild following the guild's move since the guild now exists on a different server.
  • We recommend that the guild leader first registers to move the guild by using the "/movelog add" command. Once the members have been informed that the guild is moving, all members who wish to move with their guild should issue the "/movelog add" command.
  • In order for guild membership and status to carry over to the new server, members need to be moved at the same time their guild does. If a guild leader chooses to move a guild, guild members who fail to issue the "/movelog add" command before their guild is transferred to the new server will be deguilded. If that guild member elects to move to the new server during a later phase, previous guild membership and standing will not be restored. Since we may offer multiple opportunities to transfer servers, guild leaders and members should coordinate their moves so that everyone chooses the movelog option within the same window for their server. There will be a minimum of two days between moves so that members are not unintentionally left behind.
  • The guild's level and status will be dependent upon patrons moving along with the guild. If patrons choose not to move, it will be as if they quit the guild, so the guild's level and status will be adjusted accordingly.
More details on guild moves will be posted when that transfer phase begins.



Frequently Asked Questions on Server Transfers


How can I elect to take advantage of the server transfer option?

To let us know that you wish to move your character to the specified destination server, type the "/movelog add" command during the registration period while the transfer option is available.


Can I cancel the move if I change my mind before the transfer takes place?

During the registration period, you may type the "/movelog remove" command if you decide to withdraw your request for a transfer. Once the registration period ends, however, you may no longer cancel your request.


How can I move my guild to the new server?

The leader of a guild can issue the "/movelog add" command. This will flag the guild leader's character to be moved to the new server, along with the guild's name, level, and status.


If the leader of my guild decides to move the guild, am I forced to move with it?

No, the leader's request only means that the guild name, status, and level will be moving to the new server. Individual guild members who choose to move will need to issue the "/movelog add" command for themselves. No character will be forced to move because of another player's actions.


What happens if my guild has more than one leader?

Only one guild leader needs to issue the "/movelog add" command. If the guild decides after that not to move to the new server, the "/movelog remove" command must by issued by the guild leader who made the original request


If one guild leader chooses to move the guild to the new server, can other leaders or members override that decision?

No other guild leader or member can override the original request, so it is important for guilds to carefully coordinate whether they wish to move. If a leader opts to move to the new server and other guild members contest this decision, our customer service department will not intervene. Please remember that giving someone the authority to be a guild leader gives them power to decide whether the guild will move.


When will the character move take place?

During the individual phase of character moves, characters included in the server transfer should be moved within 24 hours of the in-game announcement. During the guild move phase, characters should be moved within 48 hours.


Is there a fee for taking advantage of the server transfer option?

This is a voluntary procedure and there will be no charge for moving your character to the destination server. We may offer an additional opportunity to move characters between servers in the future for a fee.


Can I choose my destination server?

No, the server you have the option of moving to will be announced in game. Since our goal is to spread player population out to new servers, we will be selecting where characters will be moved. All players on a given server who take advantage of this offer will be moved to the same destination server.


Does my request guarantee that my character will be moved?

Registering for a move does not guarantee that a character will be moved. Move registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. But generally speaking, those characters who choose to move will be.


If I decide I don't care for my new server, can I have my character moved back?

No, we will not move characters back to their origin servers. Please be certain of your choice before electing to use the transfer option. Customer service personnel will not make any exceptions.


If the transfer offer ends before I can log in to take advantage of it, can I petition in game to be added to the server transfer list?

No, the only opportunity you have to take advantage of this offer is to log in while the option is available. Customer service cannot add you to the server transfer list after the request period ends.


Can my friend and I request to be moved together?

There is no way to request a move on the condition that another character is also moved. While people who register within seconds of each other are likely to be moved together, there is no guarantee it will happen that way.


What will happen to items in my shared bank?

A character that moves will take the contents of their shared bank with them. For example, if you have two good-aligned characters on a single server and move one of them, the character that moves will take any items in the shared bank slots with it. Items in the shared bank of any evil character on that same server, however, will not be affected.


What happens if I already have a character on the destination server that has items in its shared bank?

If the account already has items in the shared bank on the destination server, the shared bank may be overfilled. The character may need to move items out of the shared bank and camp a few times to get the shared bank down to the size where all its contents can be accessed.


What if another character with the same name as mine already exists on the destination server?

Moved characters whose names are already taken on the destination server will have an "x" appended to their name and should /petition for a name change.


Will my friends and ignore lists carry over to the new server?

Characters that are moved will need to make new friends/ignore lists on their new world.


Will my accomplishments listed on EQ2Players.com carry over to the new server?

Character accomplishments as reported on the EQ2Players.com site will not be moved along to the new server.  As far as the website is concerned, it will be as if your character simply stopped existing on its old server and started at its current level on the new server.


Will a character transfer option ever be offered again on my server?

We may offer additional character transfer options in the future if we feel it is necessary to ensure healthy server populations. If we do, we will likely move smaller groups of players so that we do not measurably alter the balance of the destination server's economy, discoveries, or population.


If some kind of problem arises when the transfer occurs, could my character be accidentally deleted?

In the unlikely event of any critical problems occurring with the transfer process, we will be able to restore characters on their origin servers.


Will my character's house move over to the new server? That is, if I own a furnished apartment in Nettleville Hovel on my original server, will I own the same apartment in Nettleville Hovel on my new server?

Yes, your character's residence and all the items in that home will be waiting for him or her on the destination server.


Will my tradeskill society status points and membership be maintained if I move to a new server?

Yes, your character's tradeskill society membership and status will carry over to the destination server.

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