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Are you usually assigned the job of pulling adds off of squishies in raids?  It seemed a bit goofy to me, considering that the raid had 4 tanks and two rangers.   I wasn't the main assist, but I did have amends. 

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I've never been asked that.

Sounds stupid, and extremely inefficient anways to have your Assassin doing anything but DPS on the primary target.

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I agree. My guild does that to me too. Problem is we are not what i call "hard core" and even though i'm the top parser i get stuck with odd jobs. Such as MA, book runner, pole clicker ect. Price i pay for being able to follow simple directions. Yes i'd love to be left alone to stab and not have to worry with adds/books/pole/stupid. But at the same time its the price we pay for success. I've also seen assassins placed on eggs in tox. Its a pretty much a no fail that way. I guess the point i'm trying to make is if your overall happy with your guild and the raids are successful try to address it with your raid lead AFTER the raid, should that fail, live with it. If not find a guild more to your style.
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