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First of all, how much HP do our dumbfires have? I was fighting an SK and noticed his dumbfire pet could take more of a beating than I had thought (2-3 hits from my brig, was suprising). How are our rats / zombie? I only have the rats thus far, and they seem to die just by hitting a druids barbs.

also, how does lifeburn work pvp? do the tooltip rules still apply? no more than 60% hp? SK can Ht for more than that. And i must have hate on the target? does that mean i cant suprise lifeburn someone? I have to get them to hit me?

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1.  The "stench" type pet that does encounter wide damage does have a few HP it seems.  Far less than even the mage pet, but I have seen it take a couple seconds worth of aggro and live to continue on.  I have not tried healing it ever.  The rats etc. have next to nothing as you have noticed.  But that's not the biggest issue for these spells.  The biggest issue in PVP is that any opponent that can FD, slip or otherwise cause something to lose a target will render all those spells useless.

That's why monks and scouts give us such trouble, we can't use 2+ of our biggest dots.  Though you can cast the "stench" pet on a plate tank or healer in a group, for example, and get a bit more use out of those spells.

2.  You do need to be on your opponents hate list to cast Lifeburn, and it's not hard to get on the list.  The best tecnique is the one suggested by Ulhavmne.  That is to open with fear, then hit LB.  YOU won't break the fear until the LB hits because you wont be doing any damage until you fully cast it.  LB does do some nice damage in PVP.  I like it best to take down runners and to nail some good damage on red-con players.  BUT obviously it does have a downside imo.  Anytime you lose HP in PVP you are putting yourself in added risk.  LB doesn't drain all that much agaisnt PVP opponents but any HP loss could be bad.  So choose your LB casts well.

I recently respec'd out of LB because I solo most the time (lev 42, 59 aa, Nagafen), and I just didn't use it often enough to justify the points.

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