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The abandoned stone house was situated in the middle of the moat like channel. The acres of land in this part of the Feerrot was covered in a thick layer of ghostly fog, and tree roots sprung from the earth like eager tentacles. The sergeant was first to step in the shallow murk of the moat. The rest of the bounty group soon followed. "Such... Filth... How can anything live in this rot? Its almost as if theres a presence that stinks of decay here..." said sergeant Morrison, as he pulled muck from his hair. The captain responded as he set foot in the murk. "This is no brute warrior troll, Morrison. She is a witch..." he denoted. He turned to his men. "Make every effort to assure death, else she may rejuvinate." Suddenly, a maiden of great beauty emerged from around the corner of the house, covered in muck. "Help, she's waking up! Hurry before she gets me!" shrieked the woman. Suddenly there she disappeared into the house, and the door was left open. "Charge her, men!" yelled the captain, and the door was kicked open. Nothing. Blackness. Utter darkness that smelled like the rest of the swamp compact in a musty warm enclosure. The men entered, and the door behind them slammed shut. "And so the witch uses deceit... There was no pretty damsel in distress after all!" Suddenly, the house came alive, and roots began snagging onto the young recruits, while older men were pulled into the mud helplessly to die. They had all been led into a trap, sent to die by the cruel witch. But something was odd with the way she spared the young recruits... "You will not hurt momma Golga, little man... Momma won't let you leave, but your boys can.. No, momma will have -you- for stew... Shhh.. Momma will give you a quick death.. Just let me hug you!" The voice was behind him now, along with a hideous wet drip of mud... The troll lifted the captain from his feet, and it was over.

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