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End over end, the Hammer of Below flew through the air just behind the second gate of Kaladim. With a sickening crunch, the skull of one Frothbark kobold fractured in several places as the head of the hammer slammed into it. Running up to retrieve his hammer, Commander T.K. Goldhammer of the Stormhammer Brigade grabbed a throwing axe from his belt and threw it just as a Terrok bugbear made to grab the glowing gift of Brell Serilis. The axe's blade slammed into its shoulder, and in a bloodrage it turned to roar at the Stormguard covered, gold bearded dwarf coming straight at it, a spiked towershield strapped to his arm and facing it. The shield slammed the Terrok gate guard in the chest, its metal spikes driving into the bugbear's pectoral muscles and sternum.

Bashing the bugbear out of the way, Torkluf Kalvork Goldhammer retrieved his brigade's namesake. A group of Terrok gate guards, led by a large, better-armored bugbear, charged the dwarf's way. The captain drew his stone blade and slashed down at the dwarven commander, only to be bashed away by a large, black stone golem, the creation of Torkluf's primary adviser and most trusted friend Bolgun Hammerfist. "'Bout time!" Torkluf called, but he only recieved a grunt in return from the old Runekeeper. The two dwarves and the golem took care of the four remaining Terrok guards, the Stormhammer raining down the thunderous might of Brell Serilis upon them while Bolgun stayed back, firing off spell after spell as the golem shattered bugbear bones.

The halls of Kaladim started to shake soon after the dwarves and the golem had taken care of the bugbears. Two gigantic reptilian beasts, six-legged and black, charged down the hills on either side of the dwarves, having been released by their ettin holders. Torkluf ran out of the way, but Bolgun's golem was not so lucky. The two beasts shattered the golem as they charged into it, but the force of the blows rendered them disoriented. Torkluf used their disorientation to slam Dagnor's Fist into the front left knee of one, shattering the kneecap. Hurriedly running to the next leg, he slammed the hammer into that knee as well, producing the same result. Roaring in pain, the beast managed to turn and snap at the dwarf with its colossal mouth, only to be halted by the great chains that suddenly wrapped around its neck, legs, and tail.

Unable to move, the trampeler was vulnerable. Torkluf ran up quickly, and slammed the Stormhammer into its jaw, breaking it. Then, jumping atop the beast's head, he brought down the Hammer of Below onto the top of its head, a bolt of lightning courtesy of the hammer blasting into the beast's head as well with the impact, killing it. Leaving the monster dead, the dwarf made to help Bolgun with the second one, but it, too, was dead, its scales charred and its eyes burst from its skull. The two dwarves looked around; four ettin trampeler handlers were running their way, as well as a few goblins and a couple of bugbears. Knowing when to retreat, two dwarves ran, but only after Torkluf sent a throwing axe into one of the two heads of one of the ettins.

((I'll continue this eventually.))

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