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Old 04-22-2008, 02:09 AM   #1

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Does anyone know if they plan to add any rok content for the level 20 to 50 range ?  We have the TD area for 1 to 20 and then the segway to butcher block for a couple quest then quest line ends ...  I have been told there are other rok areas for lv 60 + . Am i stuck redoing quest with my sarnak that ive already done in Butcher block and other areas with my fae toons to get them above lv 24 ? Or am i missing content ?
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Nope, RoK is 1-20 and 65-80. But to be honest there is enough content for level 20-70 (old world / DoF / KoS / EoF).
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In the 20, you can easily go through Butcherblock, Thunderring steppes or Nektulos Forest.  There are also group zones as well, Fallen gate, Stormhold, sewers under freeport....Also, Splitpaw begins at level 20 and adjust to your level until at least 50...There are LOTS of places to gain XP every tier....   EQ2i has a great solo timeline to give you an idea...of all the places that you can go....  as well as a group timeline..Good luck!
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