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I am going to try my hand at toting a bard (or Illusionist for invis) around behind me for dual boxing and am curious what healer would be best to "duo" with.  I am wanting to quest and work my way through dungeons (killing named for aa and quests) and heritage quests "solo."  After researching I am down to:




I have played all three a bit but know you don't really get a true feel for what a class can do until 50+ with much more aas than I have now.

Thanks in advance!

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I would vote for Warden or Inq. The Warden has the benefit that he can even root & nuke if a mob hits to hard and self buffed has only a bit worse mitigation then a Inquisitor. The Inquisitor should have a bit higher dps potential and shoudn't have as much power problems after getting Inquest. Both would benefit most from a Dirge, followed by a chanter and then the Troub.
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