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Last night the guild that i am in went into Underdepths to kill Dozeker for BPs.  A fight we have done before but we wound up having an issue on his "red text joust emote".  On all 3 of our pulls (it was at the end of the night, so only got 3 in) the first red text went off, and it gives you about 2-3 seconds to move away from him as usual.  On the second red emote it would flash up the red text and BOOM go off, literally at the same time.  There was no time to react, no time to move, just text and dead.

There were lag spikes last night, and i was wondering if we were suffering from some server side lag issues?  Did i miss in the patch notes somewhere where this had been changed?  Bugged?

Anyone else have this issue?

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Killed the mob zero prob last night.  Didn't notice any red text issues, seemed normal to me.

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