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I'm curious about the armour sets crafted from recipes gleamed from the appropriate faction. Those armour sets come with a toughness bonus, purportedly for battlegrounds. What I'm unclear on is, can they be equipped for use in the gaming arena the recipes were acquired by (regular PvE)? If so, is that toughness thing ignored, and indeed are any other aspects of these armours rendered inapplicable? Are they a decent enough improvement over the level 82 mastercrafted, as the level 77 mastercrafted faction stuff was to the 72 in the previous tier?

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The crafted faction armor from the Kerrans and from the Far Seas faction merchants (Level 80 armor) can be used in standard PVE play.  The only stat on them that will be meaningless to you in PVE play is toughness.

As to whether they are a decent enough improvement over the level 82 gear if you're only going to be going through PVE content, that's something you need to figure out for yourself.  Look at the stats on them, compare to what you have, and make the decision.  It might be in some slots they are worth it, and in others they aren't.

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