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Old 01-19-2011, 05:43 AM   #1

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and a victim of the raid paradigm.

A 35k+ living single target ward wall and cant heal *bleep* in a heroic group. I dont know. Nobody recognized that we dont heal tanks anymore, but the group ? Torpor, bolster and oberon are useless in such an environment.

I am a sad healer since EoF. I always have to keep two heal classes since EoF. In EoF the shaman ruled and the warden sucked. Currently its the opposite. The mystic currently is the incarnation of no-fun-at-all. So, this is nothing new to me and i am not angry but sad. Nevertheless i want the old times back where i played one class and had fun all the time.

Guess what ? I really would like to concentrate on my main like in the old days. Would like to run hotzones and itzemise as good as possible in a heroic environment. Thats not possible and since the load of AA is more and more work to keep a warden and a mystic on top lvl and aa wise. Its even worse with an uncertain future. The next expansion all may be the opposite again.

Dog cure procs are broken. Bard or not bard, doesnt matter. Needs to be raised until dog is a cure bot. Means 100% proc chance. Not joking, i mean it. Or remove the cure mania. Problem solved SMILEY

As it is currently, the ward on the self/group buff is useless and should be a heal.

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Old 01-19-2011, 11:36 AM   #2

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You could not be more wrong if you tried.

We are not anywhere near broken.  We are STILL one of the top healers for heroic content.  We have the tools to do the job.  With the right gear and AA setup, Mystics can solo heal any of the raid content out there short of the most intense encounters available in current content.

Sure, there are some problems.  You managed to avoid mentioning any of them.  You want to crusade for something?  Ok, here you go.

Crit Bonus - This is a big thorn.  Mystics, as healers, only get half the benefit from crit bonus that any other healers gets due to Ward mechanics being biased.  It's not crippling, but it's annoying in terms of itemization since many things that a Mystic healer would want have Crit Bonus on them.

Hybrid Itemization - This is also annoying.  Mystics have been given a secondary role of Melee DPS.  Yet, for some reason, current itemization completely fails to address this role.  None of the stats we need for that role are available on gear designed for the Mystic.

Frankly, this sort of post is rather un-helpful.  It is completely wrong in it's premise and fails to point out any of the real problems Mystics face.

If you don't enjoy playing a Mystic, don't play it.  But to say that the Mystic is not one of the most functional classes in the game is completely avoiding reality.  We are functional, and frankly, only a few adjustments from perfect.

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Old 01-19-2011, 11:46 AM   #3
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Yup your absolutely right on all things, Nothing to see here...move along....

*edit* Banditman beat me to it.

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Old 01-21-2011, 02:15 PM   #4
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eugam, please make your main your warden.
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Old 02-25-2011, 09:25 AM   #5
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Well pre SF with close to zero spell haste solo healing with a mystic was least to say complicated. I was always quite relived when i got a coercer (or illu) with me, or a touba.

But get a bunch of spell haste, a red adorn for your group heal (transcendace) and ancestral channeling and you will be quite fine. Sepll haste benefit much more to us than to fast caster, simply because spell reuse does to come as easily. I  forgot how slow was trancendance, may be 3 sec or 4, now i casts it in 1.5 second (may be less depending on buf), so i saved 2,5  .. For my warden the time saved is much lesser, simply because her base casting times were smaller.

I say quite fine since i always prefer to solo heal with my warden... Why .. well just take an example :

In a PUG in Vigi1, wizzies won't cure you, tank won't intercede .... With warden a quick serenity + self cure will handle the problem each 2mn. Otherwise mystic like warden both loose 90% of their mana ... With mystic spirit drain will solve the issue each ? 8-15mn, with warden you don't care since mana comes bacl as soon as you heal.

Healing the palace book encounter with a mystic is a nightmare due to constant micro-interrupts ....

So for sure i prefer my warden, i consider the class as more dynamic but it's a very subjective point of view. I also feel more at ease to solo heal a group in raid with my warden,. But my mystic is certainly more crucial for a raid and she has more things to do : debuffing, bolster, fast aoe rez etc ....

So i would say that the mystic is more raid friendly and the warden shine for x1 content.

Hencefore mystics are not broken, they have issues and some may be solved with FOV.

1) The dog slowly dissapeared from heal and dps parse during TSO/SF, shared stats may induce a come back of the dog.

2) Mystic offensive bufs were useless in SF (Str cap, DA cap so tribal rage group proc was useless) , with DOV they may be back.

3) Mystics are weak in the cure department (and they were good before SF) it seems that this won't change.

4) Mystics (and prob defiles)  suffer a lot from interupts, druid have high focus and fast spells, clerics have steadfast. This apparently won't change either.

5) Mystics like Warden and Templar have the lame cure tree, the final talent is certainly nice but the intermediate AAs are really weak.

Now if you have issues try to get improve tirbal rage (the passive ward proc is good), improve your ruic armor, get spirtiual focus and the aa that make your next heal 25% bigger, improve your two wards in shadow (the heal on group ward end is nice), get ancestral channelling, get stampede (nice dps boost), and 5/5 in improve oberon too to remove the mana drain.

The AA build propose on various boards are really close to the one i used and reading them may help you.

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Old 03-17-2011, 06:09 AM   #6

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lol if your so bad to fail at heroic contan thealing with a mystic you will sink faster then the titanic with your warden noob

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