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I expected to see this being remarked upon more than it is all over the forums. I started a thread on it in the Gameplay forum, but it got relegated to Zones and Population.

It's something that affects us though isn't it eh. It's even been one of the things weve had over the Guardians. Our greater AE's. With that fubared, should we expect our purportedly greater offensive capabilities to the Guardian be bolstered elsewhere?

The absence of linked mob encounters in Kunark, and I'm told revamped old world zones (Antonica/Commonlands). This must surely be a further detriment to our place in the world. An upset to class balance. Not just ours of course, other classes are defined agains the other sub-class by their AE's and encounter baed abilities.

The optimist in me hopes that this is temporary. That eventually linked mobs encounters will return to the world. That we are currently in the middle of a process where heroics are removed from overland zones and non-heroics from dungeons (an issue in itself), but that eventually when that is done the existing mobs will be further tweaked to have pairs and trios linked back and the appropriate /  / arrows tweaked as appropriate.

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling fighting single mob after single mob, repeatedly, is a more bland gaming experience than one of them, then a linked mob, then whatever. That diversity is something we could revel in I certainly used to. Many's the time I've leapt into a linked mob encounter that a DPS class couldn't hope to take down (did enough Strifewing writs that way). Now, those classes that excel at single targets are having a great ol time, while those of us with great encounter based abilities have to plough on while ignoring the dust gathering on those favoured old abilities.

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Old 12-12-2007, 08:01 AM   #2
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Hehe I know your pain and I completely agree. A big part of the problem has been all the people crying about the heroics in the overland zones. Personally they never bothered me. I've been hating having skills that there's no reason to use because there aren't mobs to hit with them.

Although I can say that I've been caught using Insolence in places I probably shouldn't just for an excuse to hit Open Wounds lol.

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Tell me about it. I have a Warlock and a Pally in the same boat.
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I saw a linked encounter last night!! and almost blew a gasket, one of the only ones I have seen since RoK went live... It was in the Bone Fields in Fens. I proceeded to jump off a cliff from the bellywhumpers, losing half my HP just to get to them as fast as I could, unleashing every ae I had. Fullfilling to say the least.

Not having linked encounters does severly [Removed for Content] AE classes. Warlocks obviously hurt the most by this, but in general any class with encounter abilities is losing out vs. any class that is a single target focus. Albeit this is not hard to overcome but it is still detrimental to those classes.

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