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At first I thought it was my imagination when we would go into the Skyshrine raid zones and chest drops from the trash were nearly all healer gear and for scouts there was next to nothing.  Even the named drops were droping mostly healer, caster and tank gear with little to nothing for scouts.

I'm not alone in my observation.  With a high proportion of scouts in our raidforce the running joke was "Oh, yet more healer gear" until it ceased to be funny when we were gearing up alt healers and munging it with huge DKP being spent on the one pair of scout boots, 2 pair of scout braces and the two scout charms we have looted in the last couple of months.

So is this just unbelievable bad luck on our part or is it something that needs attention?

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I'd say "bad luck," but not unbelievable.  Random loot is by definition not well balanced in the short term.

I would say there is more str/agi than int/wis gear, but healer gear is much more likely to go to alts because there used to be a bad imballance, so the healers who were active got ahead early, and the new healers can't equip armor unless it's the exact right piece.

Scouts are still one big group, so nothing can go to alts until they all have it.  Also if you have a really high proportion of scouts, or you rotate in multiple different scouts, then you're going to need more scout drops.

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