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hell theres all sorts of stuff you do.. hit a 4 part ho and you get a groupwide stoneskin..

hit a 3 part and you debuff the mob by something special..

hit this 2 part.. and your group gets  a physical mit buff

hit this 4 part and you get a temp 20 sec 100% ae auto

i mean .. it has to be cool effects.. or it will be pointless.

Because people WILL complain if you give certain classes abilities.. give it to everyone through skill and teamwork! imo anyways.

Make skill mean something again.. instead of a gear check..

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Old 01-30-2012, 04:06 AM   #32
Chaim Witz

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While the above ideas are good, they are simply a bandaid on the wound. I know everyone likes to see a high parse, but tanks aren't suppose to be good dps. If they were, then why have dps classes? Tanks are for holding aggro and taking a beating.

There is a similar post to this in the serk forum. The ideas i posted there were to make taunts be at a 3 to 1 ratio to damage, or simply make taunts (ca's and procs) work off your ma. I feel these would help take care of most of the aggro issues and shouldn't be a difficult fix.

I also think that a fighter should be able to spec to a somewhat dps spec, but then basically be a very poor tank. With AAs in their current state that isnt an option. First of all, fighters have to spec dps just to help with aggro. Second, there isnt enough seperation between the specs. There needs to be a more difinitive line. This goes for a lot of classes actually....But if a fighter specs total tank, they should have very low dps, very high hps and hate generation. The opposite for dps spec...higher dps, lower hps and some form of detaunt.

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