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This update should occur around 2pm PST.




Quest related mercenaries will now place your original mercenary on reserve rather than forcing you to replace.




Ethernere collections should now be more plentiful across all zones.

Fixed a bug where some boss AEs could cause a crash.

Fixed a bug where some chests from epic monsters would have no loot in them.


Obol Plains

Obol Plains named will now have reduced hitpoints and perform all of their abilities when engaged.

Updates to the Wayward Plains creatures and additional mages for Nathan's quests.

Updated the fight scenes in the Lujien section of Breathledge and Lacerate of Mortality


Plane of War

In order to keep Plane of War and it’s equipment relevant, some monsters have had their base levels increased to between 99 and 100. This should have zero effect on guilds who are currently working on or through Plane of War with the adventure level of 95.





Spiritwrath is now a replacement for Putrefy. It increments to 5, but the wisdom debuff and initial damage do not benefit from more increments. The damage over time and STR, AGI and INT all are multiplied by the increment amount on the target.

Spiritual Sacrifice is now a single target ability that can be cast on any player member of the defiler's raid, but not the defiler. It lasts until cancelled, and drops of the defiler zones. If the player dies while this buff is active, their group will gain damage reduction for a short duration. This spell has no casting time, no recovery time and can be cast while casting other spells. Toggling this spell off does not trigger the reuse.

Wraithwall and Spiritual Sacrifice do not work for or against Empowered Barrier.

Spiritual Dominion is now Empowered Dominion. Whenever the defiler casts spells that are not Ancient Shroud, Deathward or Death Cries, the group gains increased Crit Bonus. This increments up to 12 times. The Crit Bonus buff is dispelled when Deathward, Death Cries or Ancient Shroud is cast.

Ethereal Souls now increases the amount of Crit Bonus granted by Spiritual Dominion by 33%, 66% and 100% by rank.

Spirit Domination now improves the base casting speeds of Ancient Shroud, Deathward and Death Cries as it increments.

Spiritarmor now allows Spiritual Dominion to increase the group's mitigation. This effect is multiplied by the number of increments of Spiritual Dominion.



Champion's Shout now properly increases the guardian's threat (or reduces it if the guardian is in Recklessness) by a percentage of the damage they inflict while Champion's Interception is active.

Champion's Interception can be used through most control effects.



Shared Poison now has a trigger allowing it to work on ranged attacks.



Bladescreech is now 25:1 Multi-Attack Chance to Potency.

Echoing Power is now 1% Crit Bonus per rank per increment. It now lasts 12 seconds.

Lamentation has had its damage reduced.

Energetic Encore now restores power to the group.

Infectious Dissonance now applies bonus damage to Victorious Concerto based upon the amount of damage the target of Exuberant Encore receives.

Sonic Encore is now Believe in Lady Luck. It grants Luck of the Dirge a 15% chance to prevent the death of group members.



Uplifting Uproar is now 1% Potency per rank per increment. It now lasts 12 seconds.

Energetic Melody has had its damage reduced.

Powerful Solo is now 15% power restored per rank. Additionally, it applies 2% power restoration per rank when Bagpipe Solo applies.

Infected by the Sound is now a 12 second duration. It now reflects 60% per rank rather than 6%.



Divine Territory should properly apply its full damage to all the targets it hits.

True Territory now increments up to 8 times.



Cover of Darkness now applies properly.




An Alchemy Table has been added to the Summon Crafting Stations tradeskill prestige ability.

Experimentation - The tooltip given by the item icon at the top of the Experiment Create Page in the crafting window will now reflect the option selected by the dropdowns.

Experimentation - The stats in the dropdown menu now display how much they are modifying the existing amount by. For instance, if I am increasing potency by 10%, and the base item has 10 potency, it says “Potency by 10% (+1)”.




Obol Plains - "Traverse the Obol Plains" achievement can now be completed

Cadabrak's Crippling Concoction - Players will get quest credit even if their pet or mercenary deals the killing blow to the Harrowing Horde.

Baelon now drops the ancient stone tablet that updates the quest And His Name Is…

The scouts from Emergency Exit will now respawn in the event that they are somehow killed.

Some of the agro NPCs in the path of Scout Mortimer have been moved.

The obelisk that shows up after The Forgotten Statue is defeated is now in a location less likely to prevent players from looting the statue’s chest.

Each type of soullight in Eidolon Jungle now grants a different buff on death.

The fear-branches required for Fear Itself now look like branches and are no longer floating in mid-air.

The weapon caches in War Machine should be functioning properly, though they are still using incorrect art and will be fixed soon.

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