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Happy Camper
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I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way, but the only thing that truly had me annoyed/upset/flat out angry at the Fan Faire was the Silent Auction:

There are two issues, one of which is minor and was being addressed, another is rather major.

First Issue: Final bidding - For many, they don't even get into the bidding until Saturday, then there's a major rush at the end. This year, a line was set up, and people had to move through, but it could have been better prepared and enforced better. Be assertive! Move people along! I'd also suggeset a "One bid per pass rule". Still a good step in the right direction, kudos!

Second issue: Being outbid by a company - Anyone who bids at Silent Auction has seen this, there is an individual from a Computer sales company who bids on six to seven items at a time. They bid high, cause huge price jumps, and generally make the auction un-fun. I don't feel like I'm competing with other fans to see whose the most passionate, I'm competing with a company with a huge wallet that I know, will claim the cost as a business expense. I found them on google/myspace. Maybe they are EQ fans, but it's not the point. The point is, they can bid higher on a corporate account, and then deduct the cost to make it next to nothing. THey prevent real fans, who go as themselves, as players, from taking home a cherished memory.

I mentioned this at Fan Faire, and the people there were reluctant to start anything, which is fair enough. But the attitude seemed to be: "Well, the one he REALLY wanted he didn't get" Let me reveal something form talking to other fans who were very angry about this - They were out TO beat him. They only kept bidding so he didn't get it. This just ramped up the cost for them.

That individual has no business at Fan Faire, he is unwelcome by many of the fans, and if I see him next year I will, politely and quietly, communicate that. And I encourage everyone else to as well. It's one thing to be beat out by another fan. For someone who can just write it off to laugh as they take something away from other fans is just disgusting.

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I was quite happy with the Silent Auction.  The going around in a line 3 times was stupid but what else could they really do?  Overall, I thought it was handled quite well.  Having won the Clockwork and the Guardian makes me even happier.  They look sweet next to me as I type this

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