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Phantom / Tranquil Seas
Speed buff waterspouts in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea are now visible from further away and are more plentiful.
The Kylong Plains will now appear in the correct location on Druid Rings Travel Map.
Twisted Stags on Isle of Refuge will no longer spawn as Does.
Allu'thoa rider's on North Dshinn can no longer be seperated from their raptor mounts in combat by pulling from range.
Viscous tar elementals will no longer lock people in combat.

Soul Shackle now has a 60 second reuse time.

Spiritual Leadership now wards for 15% less.

Far Seas Kindling no longer requires far seas faction to purchase.
Magma fish can no longer be used in amalgamation recipes.
Corrected the levels on some of Raffik's reward recipes.
Corrected spelling of "amalgamation" in recipes.
Relics for Gnorbert's questline have been relocated slightly so there are more in the main pit and other safer areas.
Damaged notes for Skrit's questline have also been relocated slightly so they are a bit safer to get around the tower and a lot safer to get around the dig site.
Abandoned Isle garden harvest nodes respawn faster for "Shipwrecked!"
The books for "Shipwrecked!" are larger.
The Blessing of the Prime feather for "Shipwrecked!" now shows up in the quest helper as a clickable option.
Harvest nodes on the Abandoned Isle that are needed for the second "Castaway" are no longer visible before you are on that quest, to avoid confusion.
The grimling runner for "Grim Runnings" now respawns within 30 seconds if he is killed. He also has a slightly smaller aggro radius.
The patrolling guard in Mistmoore's Research Library is now a full heroic, since higher level players reported he was a pushover.

Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom - The Shissar Codex abilities are removed from the player's knowledge book upon leaving "Ssraeshza Temple: Shadow of Luclin" or deletion of the quest.
Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom - All aspects of Shielding Scales now assists the caster (not the target), as intended.
Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom - Belzia now has spell visuals to show Codex powers transferring from Dargan to player.
Touch of the Undead - Tola R'Vorr and Ritualist D'Rhivirr now have flavor text if the player is not using their Ghorkaal Teir'Dal illusion.
Flora Versus Undead Fauna - The Rune of Aggressive Growth no longer causes hate, if targeting an enemy when cast.
Shattered Seas: Revelations in Highhold - Opal Darkbriar should now have the correct quest update icon.
Corrupting the Blessed - The Blessed Knoll soil will now trigger a line of chat if the desired item was triggered to spawn.
Coin in Remembrance - The Blessed Knoll soil will now trigger a line of chat if the desired item was triggered to spawn.
Shattered Seas: Dark Forest of Legend - Completion of quest now removes the "Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion Belt" from the player's inventory.
Zaveta's Blade Runner - Aggroing multiple Allu'thoa by gathering Zaveta's blades will no longer result in multiple on screen messages.
Gangrenous Treatment - Aggroing multiple Teir'Dal by destroying gangrenous weapons will no longer result in multiple on screen messages.
Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor - Calmseas' Blessed Salt now has an appropriate target description.
Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor - The Bloody Kithicor Phylactery now has an appropriate target description.
Body of Work - Spiteweed rash can now inflicts poison damage.
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