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I am a Necro. I see an ability that our class SHOULD have as a natural one. A Necro SHOULD be able to self rez. We get a title of "Lich" and "Arch-Lich" but we lack the basic definition of the words. What are Necros but the Masters of Death? I see some healer classes get the ability if they spec for it, but it SHOULD be a given for a Necro. If we can Feign Death every couple of minutes, we should be able to bring ourselves BACK from the real thing every couple of minutes as well.

Just a thought.


Antonica Bayle

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actually, the Lich/Arch Lich is not the concept of 'bringing youself back to life' it's the concept of 'magically halting the aging process indefinately by ripping out your own soul and hiding it in a mundane object'

Once your a Lich...your a lich. there's no going back, there's no reversal. Your body is for all intents and purposes, dead. now part of the process allows your body to 'reform' if it is destroyed...but that's more like a necro raising a corpse then 'restoring life'. if fact that pretty much is what it is. it's your 'soul' rebuilding a body that it puppeteers.

destroy the phylactery, and the lich is dead for good. no coming back, no second chance.

that's why Miragul chose the Eternal Prism. as far as anyone knows, it's virtually indestructable. he just didn't acount for the idea of being competely trapped in it in various stages of his life.

we don't know what Venril uses. my guess is that huge red crystal in his throne room...which again, is extra planar and virtually indestructable as far as we know. there's even a questline in RoK devoted to Rile's search for his own, so that he could work against his father without risking venril just smashing it and instantly killing him.

the cleric self rez idea is basically the idea that the cleric dies, and his/her diety sends them right back. like Gandalf from LoTR..your sent back because your work on Norrath isn't done yet. it's more a divine intervention rather then a clerical/arcane spell. You died fighting the good fight, and your diety smirks at you and tells you your not getting out of things that easy and sends your clerical rear right back to get back to work.

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this would be cool but there are other issues with my necro that i would like to see resolved before this like limited pets that "should" account for so much of necro dps.

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