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  • Etherflash now correctly applies damage to targets surrounding the caster, previous to the teleport.
  • Stone Hammer may now critically apply.
  • Brittle Armor now displays the amount it reduces combat mitigation by.
  • Idol Destruction- Added a new appearance to the Syllokk Idols. This should make them viewable from a longer distance.
  • Damage the Trust- All giants should now count toward quest credit.
  • Various typos corrected.
  • Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - Starting this quest no longer requires "Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice"
  • Kunark Ascending: Beyond the Veil - Queen Alwenielle is now waiting to speak with the player at The Tylwyth's Hut in Zou'Lidelas, deep in Thalumbra.
  • Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer - "Speak with the iksar spirit again" is now a group update due to the fight it triggers.
  • Kunark Ascending: Forgotten Lands - Arcane Spire have been renamed "Arcane Obelisk" to help reduce confusion.
  • Kunark Ascending: Forgotten Lands - Arcane Obelisks above Crusaders' Cave and in Giant's Walk are easier to spot now.
  • Kunark Ascending: Forgotten Lands - Players who have good faction w/ Nye'Caelona, but still need to "explore the odd city of Nye'Caelona" will now trigger the proper quest update from the Nye'Caelona guards.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Applying the conductor stone is now a group update.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Runekeeper Talisyn and journal now give more direction as to where to find the pylons.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Players who cannot read "a rune-inscribed stone" are now given details as to why.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Journal edited to be more descriptive when searching for the stolen pylon.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Recovering the stolen obfuscation pylon is now a group update.
  • Growth in an Arid Land - Shaggycap moss can now be collected as necessary.
  • Insecticidal Mission - East plot is now properly named west plot.
  • Insecticidal Mission Impossible - East plot is now properly named west plot.
  • Mastercraft quality recipes should now correctly recognize the obulus frontier rares.
  • Sarnak bones for Brappa's quest "If the Bones Fit" should spawn more often.
  • Oogthor now correctly removes recipes from your recipe book as well as any leftover items when you turn in his quests.
  • Scribbleclaw has now remembered he's a member of Bloody Tooth clan, not Broken Toe clan.
  • "Snacky Snacks" now requires only half as many combines as before
  • Weekly quest "Snacky Snacks" can now be completed.
  • Clan Bloody Tooth Mercenary Gear Recipes is no longer 1-charge
  • Strategist's Smoothie and Victornut Butter Tart can now be crafted.
  • Woodworking recipe books can now be scribed by woodworkers!
  • Threat list window will properly clear itself when exiting combat.
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