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I'm curious as to what the merc progression is supposed to be.

We have our "regular" mercs - available to all via cities.
We have "special" mercs - LoN, SOE Live, vet reward, etc.
We have "ethereal" mercs - drops in zones.
We have "rare" mercs - from multiple expacs.

Is it intended that the merc "obtainment" type sets their over power level or is it the expac that they're released in or what?

If i were to compare same class:
- Basic merc
- SOE Live merc
- 10yr vet merc
- Ethereal merc
- original Rare merc
- AoM rare merc

How is their power supposed to stack up?

I guess what i'm saying is: as we get more and more mercs added to the game and they're all same level, I think it would help to have some kind of flag denoting their power. Like maybe solo/heroic/epic merc or ^ / ^^ / ^^^ merc or Legendary / Fabled / Mythical merc. Or something. I'm a game veteran and i've no clue which to choose, I can't imagine that a new player will know the difference.

(This is about basic power - how much dps it does, how well it tanks, etc. Obviously different ones may have different useful abilities, which is easy enough to tell.)
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From what I've noticed most mercs have roughly the same stats. The vet reward, elites and Tov merc are exceptions to those rules. Other than that the only difference is in the AI IMO. There are base stat charts on the web (wiki and zam). All mercs are useful up until Tov; at which point their use becomes limited and the elite/tov/vet mercs really are the only useful mercs.
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