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Old 04-11-2012, 10:59 AM   #1

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Hello everyone, I only just got my new beast to 30 last night and was wondering if there was any advantage to trying to master all my current warders via grinding instead of just a select few?

I spent some time getting my primary warden to only journeyman rank last night and even it took some time and I want to get an idea if there will be any real gain from me taking the time to grind all these out.

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Every warder you get to rank 6 gives you an additional Primal ability to use.

I suppose it really depends upon your play style, but I would recommend you get them all to rank 6. Not just for the primals though, the warders themselves get a lot more capable with rank increases and there is quite a bit of variety in their own abilities that makes them situationally appropriate (group AE, open AE, single target DPS in a variety of different resists, group heal, single target heal, self heal, power regen, etc...).

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My experience only, your mileage may vary.


I would definitely say master them all.


As mentioned when you master each warder you get access to a new primal. Assuming you’re not bitten by the affinity potion bug. So the primals alone make it worthwhile to level each warder.


But on top of the primals I find that I use different warders  based on what type of zone/encounter I am playing. I use the rodent for soloing, as it has high DPS. I use the mystical for general grouping. I use the bovine for grouping if we need more healing. I use the aquatic for AE heavy zones or zones with MOBs that hit harder than normal. The pig, bear and monkey are all good utility warders that can and should be used as well. The only one I don’t consistently use is the avian. And I am told I should but /shrug I prefer my rodent to the bird.


Your warder levels and his stats go up with level. A GM warder is much hardier than a level 1 or 2 warder. A GM warder has better DPS. All their abilities go up as they level. Heck my GM pig can hold aggro if I am careful while soloing. You don’t want to be in a DoV group with a level 1 warder that dies in the AE every pull.


Level your warders.

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