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Old 10-24-2012, 02:01 AM   #121

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MOTD says Beta Copy is working now.  MOTD lies.

I'm taking it as a sign.  I'm going to give it a week or two before I try again.

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Old 10-24-2012, 08:15 AM   #122
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I tried today and it's still not working.

I created a new character on Beta, logged in, logged out. Copied 2 characters from Splitpaw (one that has been copied in the past, another that has never been copied) using for one char the Beta copy button on character screen and for the other the in-game command /beta. It's been 3 hours and nothing has been copied over.

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Old 10-24-2012, 10:06 AM   #123
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Terrogaunt, if you follow this thread but not the general discussions on beta boards, you might want to check that one: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=523322

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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Old 10-25-2012, 07:35 PM   #124

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Rest assured, I have been looking into these issues.

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