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Default You're all Invited for Tea

My good friend and guildmate Frocia often says it's to bad we don't live closer to each other as it would be lovely to just drop in for a chat and enjoy a good cuppa tea together .With Frocia in mind I set about making us a cozy spot here in Norrath where we can at least pretend to do just that and so Your all Invited to Tea .

To get here though you will first have to meet with Captain Pegleg ( dont let his fierce look scare you he has a heart of gold ) Hop aboard his sturdy boat and in no time at all you will arrive at Faeonara's peaceful and  bucolic Halfpint Isle

A short way along the path you you'll find Faeonara's small and inviting home ,The door is open so come right in and sit a while .Help yourself to a steaming hot cuppa tea and try a few treats freshed baked with you in mind today .

You may want to wash your hands now your finished or perhaps rest after that sea voyage so head on through to the bedroom area where you can do both .

Ah that feels better I am sure .Let's head up the hill a bit and pop in at the farm house for a while .

It's a bit more rustic than Faeonara's home but do come on in I am sure you could use another cuppa by now

Looks like they expected you so please sit down and enjoy another spot of tea and some fresh muffins I am sure they are home made and as delicious as they look.

After all that tea I am sure you really need to use the washroom facilities but checking in the bedroom area you find nothing but a comfy looking bed and a wash basin .

Well what did you expect I did say it was a  little rustic ..quickly now out the door and around the side of the house with you and you will find the finest outhouse for your needs !

In a hurry now you quickly open the door and to your relief it is not as bad as you had thought it might be .

Phew that feels better I am sure . Lets stroll around a bit now and see the rest of the farm .

Wow those vegetables look great ;someone here has a green thumb for sure .Grab a couple of the carrots there and lets go feed the pony.

Sounds like Betsy the cow is looking for some attention in the barn over there as well .

Ah someone is taking care of her already .All this strolling around though has surely made you feel a little peckish .What do you say to a picnic ? It's not far just across the bridge to the small adjoining island.

What a lovely day I have had visiting with you but I see Captain Pegleg's boat on the horizon there so your vist this time has sadly come to a close .Please come back again soon though the tea kettle is always on the hob

For Frocia

 On Freeport server under medium homes Your all Invited to Tea !

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Wow, that is so clever, so well done and the outhouse part is so hillarious!! Awesome job. Love Love Love it! =D

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Lovely  =)


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Oh my, I love so many things about this I'm not sure where to start hehe

The round doors, genius! The little tiered serving tray is just too cute, I'm totally borrowing that idea :p The pedastal sink, love it! Your details are all so great, right down to customizing the beds, adding the milk bucket under the cow, the mailbox and a perfectly set picnic. Great place SMILEY


Click Image for link to decorating consolidated works website

Consolidated Works Fourm Thread
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Love it!!

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Lots of clever ideas in there. We think alike on a few of the things I saw. It looks great. I love the benches for headboard/footboard, the little outhouse. Its a cute house.

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