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I'm a newbie to EQII, just installed the retail after playing the trial for a month.  So far so good, I like it. 
I've run searches through the forums and looked in the game features section and cannot find a list of all the weapon types Rangers can wield.  I would really like to be able to wield a katana style sword with two hands.  I'm a realist and practice Japanese swordsmanship so this is just a personal desire for a Ranger to wield two-handed weapons.  I'd like to stay a Ranger because I like versatility above all and the Ranger seems to have many abilities, stealth, damage dealing, and long ranged attacks.  I know a katana is not a European style sword but I don't think a tulwar is either so I don't see the harm of having lighter two-handed swords, etc. available to lighter classes like the Ranger.  If I may take an idea from LOTR, Aragorn carried Anduril - a sword wielded with 2 hands.  Basically I'm just wondering what all the types of weapons Rangers can wield and if they can or will eventually wield two-handed weapons.  Thanks.
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Well the only two handed weapon I can think of that a Ranger can wield is The Spoon. Also the only crushing weapon we can use outside rounded arrows.I personally use a pair of DW Sais for slash resistant mobs and a spatha and short sword for pierce resistant. My favorite look is the Sai though, they are just a cool lookin graphic.But truthfully, since a Ranger isnt the best tank (lol), I would always recommend dual wield over one hander and shield since it is the way to get the best stat adds.

So, equippable weapons are:  Dual wield slash and pierce (excludes fist wraps) - one handed swords - bows - and the infamous Spoon.


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