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Old 11-25-2006, 12:57 AM   #1

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So how important do you think INT is? I know how it modifies certain of our abilities and I'm ok with that. But, what about just jacking STR and AGI up and just go with a Autoattack standpoint which would get your overall DPS up. Just curious what you other Dirges thought. I mean even now I autoattack for about 250-350 a swing...But I see Brigs and Swashys Autoattacking for about 400+ a swing...I'm not poorly geared, and have access to great gear...But really, anyone have any thoughts?
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Not sure which of the two classes (brig or swashy) who get it.. but atleast one of them have +DPS to their self buff ... plus their offensive stance prolly also add some DPS.

But yeah... from a DPS point of view, then STR is no doubt the most beneficial of the two (STR / INT), since eventhough half our CAs are based on INT, then we still get an auto-attack in between CAs.   I would however not completely neglect INT, since it does have a considerable impact on our DPS.

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I think the "rogue" subclasses have other buffs to up their dps.  Frankly, str. does not make that much a difference to DPS unless you are talking huge amounts of it where we are concerned, escpecially with the EoF changes.  I think you probably get more bang for your buck as it were out of boosting INT except in very long fights where you are landing lots of autoattacks when you finish debuffing. 
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