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I've recently returned to EQ2, and picked up playing my guardian again.  My friends quickly moved me from lower 70s to 82, and I find myself trying to understand how many of the changes from Sentinal's Fate (and on...) may be impacting my abilities.  For instance...

The Sentinal's Fate Warrior Tree's :  Reversal Of Fortune.

I selected 8 ranks in this and watched my Reversal hate gain jump from 500 to 1000 per proc to 5000 to 8000 per proc.  This seems amazing, and like a must have.  However, now I am rethinking my use of 1 handed weapons.  Up to this point I've been using the "Imbued Brellium Long Sword", but I thought perhaps a fast delay would be better.

Looking at the broker, I found a "Sugary Candy-Striped Staff" from 30 gold.  This thing has a 1.6 sec delay (compared to 6 secs on the Long Sword), and it would seem that this might active the Reversal skill more often.  However my DPS rating drops from 100 to 71.  Would that DPS difference be just too low, or would the aggro gain be enough to justify the change?

Thanks for any who have input.

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Not worth the change.

There are some bugged items with 0 second delay, even they are not worth the change.

Focus more on dps generated hate then passive hate procs.

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