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Since the latest major PVP GU was launched, the Mystic's group ward, Umbral Warding overwrites Defilers group ward Carrion Warding. Pre-GU it used to be, whoever had the highest/biggest group ward, had priority. Now a low-level Mystics group ward, will prevent defilers from casting/landing their group ward.


1. If Umbral Warding is up, when I try to cast Carrion Warding I receive the message  - "The spell could not take effect"

2. If Carrion Warding is up, and a Mystic joins the group and cast Umbral Warding, it replaces Carrion Warding, even though the ward is much smaller/weaker. 

For those of you that think - well does it matter which one of the classes that has the group ward up? Yes it does matter - the heal linked with the grp ward is essential, and also it refreshes Ancestral Channeling. 

Long story short, it is very difficult to heal as a defiler when grouped with a Mystic in PVP.

DEV comment please..

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It has to do with their prestige that gives them an upgraded group ward.  Yes it's very annoying that a defiler can't even cast his group ward at all if a mystic is in the group.

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