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I am liking what I see so far. Honestly it was more like what I was expecting with the last expansion. I am very excited. A few things I would like to see that I think would make the game better for players.

PQ's - they are good for game and most people like them but we need more reason to do them, put more quality items on the vendors to work to earn.

Orange PG runes - those are like pretty much must have adornments and they are great. What will keep them great is providing several ways to earn them, I hear perhaps more PG's are in the works so by all means put stuff in there for those that enjoy doing those but please allow us to craft them and also let us get them off the PQ merchant. "play our way " right ?

Raid loots- I love the unlocking the raid armor for the account and being able to buy it on alts fantastic. Be even more amazing if you added the jewelry as well but perhaps that is getting to greedy. I loved the vendor to buy the raid jewelry one did not get or for alts. However this should be bought with raid tokens not heroic tokens. I mean it is not right that a raider can raid for some time, never get the drop he seeks, yet anyone and there brother can run a few heroics and buy said items. Its raid loot, should require raid tokens.

Ascensions- The 1-10 ascension were impossible to level up without paying. While I am fine with allowing people that lack the playtime to be able to pay money to keep up if they like. But I want to be able to earn my stuff playing the game. The new 11-15 celestial scroll page system worked way better. I was able to level up most of those in the past year playing the game running the weeklies as I should be but yeah I still have some of the 1-10's sitting at expert cause the master pages are impossible to get 10 of. Keep with the celestial scroll system and perhaps implement that with the 1-10 or maybe put in a vendor or something where we can trade a 11-15 page for a 1-10 page. I mean something needs to be done. If you re-roll a toon or something the 1-10 ascensions are impossible at this time. Maybe change them all to the same celestial page system but perhaps just have the reward drop a blank celestial page that can be applied to which ever ascension you chose. Or maybe a coin system where we can buy the page we need.

Anyhow keep up the good work!
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