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Old 07-29-2010, 08:59 PM   #1

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Just curious what you guys think is welcome in raids and also fun to play. Fun being a big factor.

THanks guys.

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Fun is relative, of course. I always say go with Swashy   But those 3 scout classes are very different from each other. Swashy and Assassin are both dps classes, but that may be as far as the comparison goes. And though I have a Dirge alt, I'm not even sure it's really a scout class lol (Ok, I joke...sort of). As far as determining "fun factor", the only way you're really going to know is to play them.

For raids - that's another matter. Raids and groups always want Dirges (all right, troubadours, too - even if they are wannabe dirges *runs*). That's not to say that Assassins and Swashbucklers don't play an important role, but if it got down to there being one slot left, I think the Dirge will get picked everytime. (Okay, if the raid already has 15 Dirges and no dps...)

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Like Ringle said, you can only determine fun by playing them. As for Raid want, 3-4 dirges are usually wanted for their buffs/debuffs in a raid (pending if they have the 1 troub for a mage group). Assassin's and swashies are wanted because of their high dps potential and both have a hate transfer. Swashies are also debuffers. So all three are wanted but it's totally up to your play style as to which you find fun.
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Old 08-02-2010, 01:04 PM   #4

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One thing to keep in mind, especially in a raid setting is that dirges are going to have a lot to do- swash and assn are there to dps and only dps...they don't really have to pay attention to as much and don't have to be as coordinated, so  if attention is a potential problem for you, go with the swash or assn.

In addition to dps, the dirge will have to be using temp buffs, perhaps situationally change out their group buffs, and the hated raid rezzing when the inevitable death comes, so dirges need to be on the ball and able to focus on more at once....

So like the others said, it depends on what you see as fun.  The dirge is more of a challenge to play well- and there are a lot of poorly played dirges out there.  The assn is probably going to give you the most dps, the swash brings some nice debuffs as well as their dps.

If you are into soloing at all, you might want to look at swash.  Dirge is okay, but from what I hear, assassin has trouble cause most of their big attacks are backstabs.  Keep in mind that by soloing, I am referring to tougher stuff like heroics- the regular common mobs needed for all the solo quest lines are simplistic for any class to kill.

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