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I've kind of summed this up in the title.  I'm returning to the game after a 2 or so year sabbatical, I've looked around at the AA advice, and didn't start spending points until about level 32.  Everyone suggests DKTM as the first goal while leveling, but I look at the tree as a whole, and feel like I'm wasting 18 points to get a nice bow attack and 7.5% crit chance.

My current set up looks like like this:

http://beetny.com/eq2aa/#GU63;[email protected]@41

I could start putting points into Messenger's Letter, in preparation for the next bump on AA limits for my bard tree, but I'm not totally sure when that happens.  I've been able to handle just about anything I get myself into...I did the entirety of Butcherblock Mountains, including the heroics, and feel like this is working quite well...Just want to make sure I'm not holding myself back by not having the highly (and probably rightfully so) praised DKTM when I could have it and then some.

Thanks in advance to whoever is able to give me helpful suggestions.

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DKTM is still a valuable ability.  The only things really worth it in the the stamina line is Skald's defense (second ability) and Fortissimo.  The end line is pretty much useless. The next AA bump is at level 50 (to 70 AA) Allegro is also a nice ability as it adds ability casting speed to group (3rd ability leading to DKTM).  In my opinion the only endline worth taking is DKTM.  Bladedance is situational at best.  If you don't plan on running HM raid zones at end game you don't need it.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

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DKTM is a leveling aa because the closer you get to 100% crit at low levels your parse jumps redicliously, which kills mobs faster.. which makes everything easier and it effects your whole group

also at low levels the higher your multi attack the same as above ^ fortissimo is great when your under 600ma

if you have points for blade dance as well. you should spend them in the other trees (troub / eventually shadows at 50 ect)

leveling i would take agi tree (poisons) wis tree (crit) stam tree (multi attack) , if not the stam tree then str tree for more defensives on songs, which can add up really nicely even at raid levels

in your case however with 45 aa, ignore the bard tree and get your troubador tree done a bit , your attacks and whatnot would be more beneficial than small buffs

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