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Fighter/Scout ranged items from Lichlord Skulldugger. Seems the same as all other Drunder HM loot, fighter items being short on crit chance and all. Other than the fact that the damage ratings are worse than easymode launch bows, they seem perfectly fine. But let's move to the other two archetypes.

Priest. Short by 7.6 crit, 1 cb/pot, some reuse/cast, and 15 wis/sta. But hey, at least it has a red slot, unlike...

Mage. No red slot, short crit cb pot cast reuse int sta, and not ranged usable. Can we please get this fixed before the next expansion goes live?

Also, as a side note, please don't derail the thread about how there's almost no mage/priest loot in the drunder zones. That's a discussion for a different thread, this thread is specifically for these items since of the small amount of mage/priest loot that made it into these zones, the mage item is unusable and the priest item is shorted on stats.

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That's pretty awesome...really looking forward to killing that mob. I suppose they figured that by having so many broken encounters, they would have plenty of time to fix such issues. Clearly they did not make stuff broken enough.

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