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I leveled a templar to 28. Everyone thing I read and everyone says you'll level faster as Inquisitor so I decided to betray.  Only problem is I'm not really sure how to spend my AA's. All guides I find are out dated or for much higher level characters so I'm unsure of what to get and in what order. I would appreciate anyone input or guidance from more experienced players.

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First 20 points should be spent getting combat arts, in the Inquisitor tree.

Then get Battle Cleric at the bottom.

Then finish out the 5th and final combat art in the Inquisitor tree.

Lastly, point 1 point into Yaulp in the Cleric tree.

Here is what it should look like: http://beetny.com/eq2aa/#GU63;[email protected]@a1

That will get you started. The game will be bending to your will in no time.

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Agreed.  Get Yaulp, so you'll swing faster.  And def fill out the Inq tree line first (after yaulp).

Then move on to Cleric tree, going down the 2 left side ones first.

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