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New Mystic here, been reading the stuff on this forum but it seems out of date and when I check the specs they aren't valid any more (won't even come up). 

Is the general consensus still to go down the second Shaman line, and get the CAs in Mystic, as a basis for a build?  That's what I'm doing so far (level locked at 18 atm, harvesting those AAs and enjoying questing in Qeynos). 

But thinking of later, should I be going down the first Shaman line (the dog) or should I be putting more into something else in Mystic?  Or something else?

I experimented for a bit going down the third Shaman line and I liked the extra healing power, but again that was only at a very low level - is that line worth pursuing further down (it seems that having stuff available more often would be a good idea)?

Any thoughts, tips and tricks greatly appreciated (even just general ones for a newbie Mystic).


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http://eq2flames.com/ is  much better place to find good discussion. Already has sticked info for new mystics http://www.eq2flames.com/mystics/57...nfo-inside.html

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