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Ive got about 50 AAs and have done the battle cleric line and the strength line to steadfast. Wondering where's good to go next? None of the others leaping out at me, so woudl appreciate some guidance from some more experienced inquistors. From what I can see, the others in the inquisitor line just seem to improve individual spells, many of which I dont yet seem to have; and the shadow page seems to just buff mana, health, run speed which Im assuming aren't going to make that much difference. So should I focus on the cleric page? If so, which line do people prefer? Leaning towards stamina as looks like damage, but does it make much impact in practice - just autoattack? Or possibly agility. Alternatively I wondered about taking the first one in each line - each seems to be a new attack. Questions questions......

For background, im a level 15 melee inquistor picking up groups when I can but spending alot of time solo - and trying where possible to solo down through dungeons.

One other question - Ive trying to get fables for my key spells but given prices, probably going to have to get them through drops. Which given Im levelling prety slow ought to be doable. Have the last baled healing, but looking for ministration III. Am I right in thinking that level 15 spells drop off level 15 mobs? And will fableds only drop off nameds?

thanks for any help you can offer


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For a spec just look two threads below yours. 1st you should be lucky as up to level 20 all spell drops should be "smart loot" meaning, that if a master spell drops I should be a spell you can use. 2nd Normally mobs can only drop spells of their level or lower. sometimes it is tiered, so a level 15 could probably also drop a level 17 spell, but such things are rare. For Master spells it is best to fight mobs of exactly that level as the spell.
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