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I started playing EQ2 for the first time about 2 weeks or so ago.  I was looking for a class that could heal, yet do decent enough dps to solo level fairly well and after talking to people inquisitor seemed to be a good choice. After playing for 30 levels I've run across a couple issues that hopefully someone reading this could help me with.

1. (My AA spec)   I looked around at some dps focused aa specs and found the following.

Str 44862  Agi 443 Sta 448  Int 4446

3/5 Emergency Reactives  3/5 Ressurections  5/5 Fervent Faith

5/5 all CAs

3/5 Heres 5/5 Devotion 2/6 Act of War

1/1 Battle Cleric

3/5 Devotees   2/6 Forced Martyrdom 5/5 Verdict

5/5 Litany of Combat 5/5 Protective Prayer

5/5 Fantatical Devotion  5/5 Atonement

2/2 Persecution of Sins

2/2 Redemption of Faith

The guy whos spec this is seemed happy with his DPS and Healing so I thought it would be a decent spec to copy. Number crunching isn't my thing, so I typically use someone elses spec for leveling and then change things around once I get the hang of the class.  Anyway, the problem I have is I don't know what order to place points into this spec. I've tried to reasearch this but I am getting different opinions.

My current spec at 30 is

Str 43 Sta 41 Int 1

5/5 Invocation Strike  5/5 Writhing Strike 5/5 Strike of Flames

5/5 Litany Circle  1/1 Battle Cleric

2. My second problem ties into the first and that is PvP.  I am currently getting destroyed in pvp when the levels are even fairly close. Earlier today I was being farmed by a ranger 4 levels below me. Granted I only have MC jewelery and not MC gear, I still feel like I'm getting worked harder than I should be. I have the feeling that the order I am speccing my AA points is not helping me.

Anyway, to sum it up I do want to stick with this class, but I'm starting to feel weak at 30 and I'm not sure if it is because of my poor speccing or if I am playing the character wrong.  I feel a lot like a WoW paladin if the WoW paladins main heal was extremely weak.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 08-25-2011, 10:14 AM   #2

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The spec you looked at must be really old, as it still had 4 AA (and one end skill) in each Cleric line that had a max of 8 points. Coming to a server near you are additional changes, so a nice solo spec for leveling might be: Invocation Strike 5/5 Writhing Strike 5/5 Strike of Flames 5/5 Litany Circle 5/5 Battle Cleric 1/1 Yaulp 1 STR 4/10/8/2 STA 4/10 After reaching level 50 try to get Litany of Combat in the Shadow tab as soon as possible. followed by: AGI 4/10 Enhance: Heretic's Doom 5/5 WIS 4/10 Enhance: Fanaticism 5/5 STA 4/10/3 Get Blessed Yaulp and Overwhelming Arms in the Shadow tree. That should be enough to keep you occupied for some time.
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Thanks a ton, your help is really appreciated!!

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