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PVP, locked, working at maximum AA and very unsure where to put the AA. Can't go above 50 AA in Shaman and Defiler trees, what would be the best?  i usually group and am the healer. sometimes with a warden, but generally not.

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Well if u mainly heal and see that as your role then its quite obvious where to put AA. Just read the different AAs and you see that some go into damage and max your dps and some go into healing, buffing your pet (and grant healing effects thus, too) or enhance your warding or go into debuffs.Although you cannot fully max out only heal or ward stuff with 160 AA in T4, if you don't wanna do damage then put the rest in the debuff AAs. For example I have put nothing into the AGI and INT lines, those are for dealing damage and my defiler should heal and debuff. When I want to nuke then I switch to my other chars, no need to build a pseudo-class for my taste - if I wanted to deal damage with a healer, Fury would have been better choice than Defiler.Also I have spend only the needed amount of AAs in those heal based or ward based lines that just reduce reuse. But sometimes you have to spend those 3 points to be able to max out the AA that comes below it. Just in the Shadows line I have spend 5 AAs in this offensive stance and not for example in the rezz (because it was kinda useless for me). Then I use the pet spell out of it and have some continous dmg side-effect although my role is still the same.

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