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Old 07-02-2010, 11:57 AM   #1

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I was in Erudin Research Halls last night and only got 1% heal crit with my wards. My crit chance is only 55%, but as you can see my heals did crit. What am I doing wrong?

Erudin Research Halls - [33] 9:40:55 PM | All - [01:15:59] 9:43:29 PM | | Healed (Out)

TypeDamageExt DPSAverageMin HitMax HitResistHitsCrit %SwingsTo Hit %
Carrion Warding756,990166.04980.5616,134Absorption7720%772100.00
Ancient Shroud637,464139.83851.0904,422Absorption7491%749100.00
Shroud of Armor304,68766.83307.7611,065Absorption9900%990100.00
Curse of Shielding105,31723.10646.12151,184Absorption1630%163100.00
Sacrificial Restoration103,97822.815,472.531,6448,970Hitpoints1953%19100.00
Dire Balm73,42716.112,937.084434,463Hitpoints2552%25100.00
Runic Absorption40,8498.96600.7211720Absorption680%68100.00
Wild Accretion18,1873.992,273.386703,826Hitpoints838%8100.00
Spiritual Shrine's Spiritual Circle12,3342.71560.6433966Absorption220%22100.00
Innoruuk's Rebirth6,0821.333,041.002,4623,620Hitpoints250%2100.00
Thunder Slash5300.12530.00530530Hitpoints1100%1100.00
Consume Essence5010.11501.00501501Hitpoints1100%1100.00
Eidolic Ward00.000.0000Hitpoints10%1100.00
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Old 07-04-2010, 03:33 AM   #2

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Wards don't give a text message when they crit, so ACT doesn't track it. They'll be larger, but there's no message about critting.

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Old 07-04-2010, 04:53 AM   #3
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What chath said , there is no indication of a ward crit , just sit and cast your wards and take note of the values, you will see the size vary a lot when they do crit , 103% crit chance , 53% potency , 52% crit increase here and my mastered group ward has varied between 12k and 20k every time I cast it.

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