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Old 03-04-2013, 02:10 PM   #1

Player Studio Program Manager
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We are getting asked about this so we are going to give you an update, even though it's not good news.

It's going to take a lot of ground work and expense to be able to roll the Player Studio program out to additional countries. We are working on it, but it won't be fast. We have no timeline yet. We are in the part of the process where we are identifying more tasks that will need to be completed in order to move forward. No timeline estimate is yet possible.

Yes, some companies could do this more quickly than we can. But we are conservative, careful, etc.

We will be posting in this thread with updates as we have them.

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Happy Camper
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Hehe; why do I feel that this post was aimed at me ^_^

I do appreciate that you have taken the time to post / create this thread, as I am sure all non US (potential) contributors do too.

If you are allowed to comment, is Player Studio submissions for Europe in any way linked to ProSiebenSat.1.  I know the original plan was for EU servers to use "SevenCash" not "StationCash".  Obviously if you have to re-wrangle with the Germans, I can fully understand why it will take additional time over and above finding out about the tax / IP laws.

On the subject of tax / IP, I assume that the submission (original model and textures) remain the creators property and SoE get an exclusive, non-perpetual license (until such time as they close the game the item was made for)

From the UK perspective, I cannot see the need for any tax forms as I assume that creators do not become employees of SoE and are considered freelance / selfemployed.  If this is the case, it is totally the individuals responsability to inform the taxman.  Companies only file tax forms for employed staff in the UK.

The only other problem I can think of is the SC purchased in multiple currencies and conversion for payout.  I have already assumed that SC is tracked internally as a series of multivalue transactions and that the wallet applies some logic to spending.  SC purchased at the lowest rate first or last, or that all the SC in the wallet ends up with some blended real money rate.  I further assume that the RMT value attached is based payment method, i.e.  SC card (taking into consideration the retailers margin), whether the SC was bought or redeemed on a Triple / double SC promotion and whether it is a recuring subs award (I am assuming this is tracked as "Double SC" and not full price.)

I can appreciate that this makes it more difficult when it comes to a "basket" of currencies.  As the reporting is inevitably in place for Player Studio to track non Dollar purchases (as US Player Studio artists obviously receive income from non US denominated players), I for one would be happy for you to track non US creators in USD and take the spot market rate when the cheque is cut. 

Keep up the good work and I am more than happy to assist in any way I can.



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Old 03-18-2013, 06:50 PM   #3

Happy Camper
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Any update after 2 weeks?

Sorry to be a pain, but I just find it deeply frustrating that I cannot even access Dave's "you must do better" workflow until this is sorted.  So add that to the already 6 month delay and I might get an item ingame for Xmas 2013?

Might be an idea to open submissions for EU peeps "for review" only?  

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Old 03-19-2013, 12:21 AM   #4

Happy Camper
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Many years ago, I used to be an international shipping clerk for a computer company.

This means I was involved with the paperwork required for transporting items from the US to other nations (in my prior job, that was primarily Europe). This didn't even touch the issue of payments. Just getting stuff through the process of going from US to elsewhere.

Paperwork could take *months* prior to shipment, even when dealing with technology that was pre-approved by both governments.

Digital art, technically, can qualify as "technology." Bear in mind how jumpy international relationships can get when anything labeled "technology" is involved. *winks conspiratorially*

This is not a situation where things are pre-approved, but instead a case where that pre-approval has to be obtained. Since shipment will be electronic, I would imagine that much of the paperwork involved in the equivalent of shipping would have to be pre-approved also, along with all financial documents.

Don't be surprised if it takes a full year - or even longer - before all that paperwork is fully arranged and in order.

Yeah, the prolonged "red tape" situation stinks. However, that's the world we currently live in. Lots of things just don't happen as efficiently as we would like. Perhaps one day that may change, but it's unlikely to happen before the lengthy paperwork / negotiations process has ground its way through all of the currently-required procedures.

Of course, we all *hope* it will be sooner!

But please, don't hold your breath or sit on the edge of your chair.

It's going to take awhile.

Get comfortable, have some of your favorite hot beverage and something nourishing along with something tasty.

And, while you are waiting, polish up your ideas and possible submissions, so that they are ready whenever that pesky paperwork gets properly lined up and submissions can be opened outside the US.

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