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Just recently got back into EQ2, and I notied you can't purchase Master Crafted gear anymore. I used to just upgrade my gear every 10 or so levels and buy MC either off a vendor or the SC. Just wondering if the type of gear I am supposed to be aiming for has changed, or if I basically have to farm plat then buy it off an armorsmith. I'm a 39 inq, also have a 33 SK with the same issue. Are there certain class questlines added to the game I can do to replace all of my level 22 MC gear? Any info would be appreciated!

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You can still get master crafted gear. You just can't buy it for SC any more. That was a Freeport only thing. You can get it by three ways now: - Buy it through the broker, if it is listed there. (very expensive) - Ask around / search through the broker for a crafter who has the rares and sells it to you. (expensive) - Harvest your own rares, search for a crafter and let him craft it for you at a relative cost. (time consuming, but often costs not much more then the fuels to craft the items) p.s. This question would have been better placed in the new player forum.
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