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did they change dogdog's attack speed recently ?

I have a 90/262 Defiler but didnt play him since the unatune patch. I rolled a new one to play progression. In 6 years i have seen anything in game, even original icy keep from the world event, but never played Commonlands and Freeport sewers . I wanted to visit them before they revamp them.

However, on friday i had enough AA to spec dog to proc wards. But i doubt he proc'd any ward the whole weekend. I have no parser installed... I looked a bit closer and it seems his attack speed is approx. 8 seconds. With one attack every 8 seconds and a proc chance of 20-30% (i had 6 points in it) its basically useless.

Am i right or is this just because my lvl90 has much better gear and 10 in Tribal Rage ? I am just curious, because if this is true i ll figure out a different spec.

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Looks that way on my end as well. I have the combat log up and 30+ levels later, while I have not looked over the logs all the time, I have yet to see a single proc in the logs or visually. Statisically I think you should see a proc at least every 40 or so seconds assuming the pet hits everytime and it misses maybe 30% of the time(highly dependant on the target and positioning). So far in my fights mobs typically dont live that long. AMOF in a group Im finding my character effectively useless unless its two people and I heal. In a group the defiler damage is so useless and the dps of other classes(even other priests) is so fast the pet never even reaches the target.


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