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What is the most effective build for white adornments?  At this point I don't have any white adornments on my gear due to the unrealistic costs of acquiring them.  Which adornments should I start with and then what would be the progression to complete the task of getting all of the adornments I have available to add?

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Use this page to select what you need : http://tools.eq2wire.com/adorns/

This depends on what you have high/low but in general this is what i do, go for "Lesser" in these til you have gear worth the higher ones.

hands -hate or +hate depending on if you are a tank (you can go hate gain/reduce/ on wrists too)

crit chance on the 5 or so slots that u can

+reuse speed on anything if a caster.

Head is +Attribute

if melee then +attack speed/+dps, if not doesn't really matter

wrist/fingers/ears go with + to resists til you get a bit better gear then +ability mod is better imo

That is basics to get going Lesser adorns are a waste of plat because they do so little but raiders won't take you if you don't have little white dots on that gear.  It's stupid to spend plat on gear that will be replaced in a week or so, but that is the mentality, same as people that want 200CritMit for EM raids where the mobs have 85 crit bonus, people find something that works and then roll never asking if its right or wrong.

Note: Anything I got wrong will surely be corrected soon as these people can stand for there to be 'wrong' informatoin on the internet.

/flame on peeps!


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Even as dated as it is, Kangamitzi's site is still much better for looking at white adorns.

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