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So who thinks that since this spell isn't a DoT that each time it ticks it has a chance to proc items?

Reason I say this is cause with mobs such as Waansu where each time you hit the mob you have a chance to become stunned.  Well if you cast this close enough you'll be stunned for the duration or until canceled.  As apposed to every other spell we have that doesn't do that because they are truely DoTs. 

Can anyone think of another class that has an AoE spell like this?

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Old 08-22-2010, 04:55 AM   #2

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I believe paladin Consecrate works the exact same way, with a "pulsing" damage effect out from them every few seconds--the only difference is with theirs it's the same amount each tick, whereas ours adds extra damage based on the health of the targets.

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If Netherrealm had a damage component when applied warlocks would probably run into the same issue. What would solve our problem would be something like if each tick of Defile applied a debuff called defile that lasted 0.1 seconds and applied 'Defile' on termination that did the damage, for example.

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