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Lost City of Torsis: The Shrouded Temple [Advanced Solo]
  • Spectral Lifetap, cast by mist wraiths, is much less punishing, and is only cast once.
Crypt of Dalnir: Baron's Workshop [Solo]
  • Haggle Baron Dalnir will no longer absorb damage when his forges open.
  • Corrected the incorrect Greater Relic flag on the Earring of the Bloodmage
  • Ire-Dread, the Undead Devourer may now only be wielded in the primary weapon slot.
  • Adjusted the ability mod and potency on Grandmaster's Focus
  • Growf now has more quests to offer. The timing on the seedling's growth stages have been set to 2 hours for beta testing purposes, they are intended be closer to a day in the final version.
  • Raffik may find it interesting to explore Obulus Frontier with you.
  • Corrected the issue that prevented crafted products from benefiting from refining.
  • Updated icons on alchemist draughts, some jewelry, and some furniture items
  • Glibnox will now give you another Charm of Lost Things if you delete yours while on the quest
  • Skethusk will now give you another collection of goblin things if you delete yours before getting the quest it offers
  • Astringent herbs for "Guardian of Growf" are now called acrid herbs to avoid confusion with Oogthor's quest
  • Recipe and spell scrolls in Arcanna'se spire should now be easier to spot
  • More carts now spawn for Brappa's wood collection quest
  • Sharpening stones for Irontooth are now slightly larger and easier to spot
  • Additional chokidai droppings can now be collected if you need more for Oogthor's daily quest
  • The zone Greshdek is in for "Search and Rescue" should now display as 'unknown' and not give away his location with a map highlight
  • Relocated some expert level spell scroll recipes from the handcrafted into the advanced sage recipe book
  • Added weaponsmith recipes for bandoliers
  • Recipes for throwing weapons now make 200 at a time, like arrows
  • Taelonar will no longer offer his faction quest until you are on Growf's questline
  • Abandoned Mine Tunnel is now a shared zone rather than a solo instance.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Quest completion now grants enough faction to not be attacked by guards of Nye'Caelona, as intended.
  • Parchment Preservation - Quest now awards a book, as the dialogue states.
  • Bridge to Success - Approaching Gabrowg now updates the quest, as intended.
  • A Goblin Nightmare will no longer be offered if you are on the first step of the quest, Case of the Missing Headpiece.
  • Kunark Ascending: History in Stone - Cool down time on the reconstructed obfuscation pylon has been reduced.
  • Get a 'Shroom - A proper error message is now displayed when group member does not qualify for shared quest.
  • A Mist Call - A proper error message is now displayed when group member does not qualify for shared quest.
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