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Hi again everyone, this is your favorite Barbi Shaman reporting in for this week's news of what's going on with OGR SMILEY--New Show!! (Daily)-- "Gaming Under the Influence" with Psycho AvengerPsycho does his OGR debut this week as his fan base goes wild! Poor guy had people following him (and us!) around, asking when he was going to be on air again!  The good news is, that's this week, listeners! Psycho Avenger is known for the "Psycho Army" of listeners ... tune in and see if you don't get sucked in! This guy likes his music hard, loud and ...well.. you judge it. He says he likes Death Rock but make sure not to confuse that with not death metal, the two are simply not the same! If you listen in, you're apt to hear punk, hardcore, psychobilly and more from the underground phenomena. When asked about his colorful past, Psycho had this to say...
  • He did 2 years of a wildly successful college radio show.
  • Several online DJ gigs over time... a seasoned man!
  • He grew up on Odessy 2000 (how man of us remember that?!)
  • Current faves include EQ2, City of Heroes and The Matrix Online
-- "EQ2's Day" with DJ's Akira and MonteSpecial Guest this week: Poac/Conglacio from the NPU Guild on Guk server
  • Economy – Poor/Rich Division
  • Splitpaw Saga Released
  • Model Changes
Don't forget the In-Game Chat in EQ2: /join eq2.guk.ogr --New Show!!-- "Get X-stream" with DJ Zero ToleranceZero debuts this week as one of the new OGR DJ's. Zero brings us his views on gaming, news and his way of policing the airwaves SMILEY. Generally this means that Zero's running around screaming his head off... but we never know what he's up to. Tune in and check out Zero Tolerance's debut show this Wednesday so you can say you were there since the beginning SMILEY.Zero thinks back to his first gaming experience...
  • A pinball machine in his gradfather's house gave him the gaming bug before he eventually moved to consoles.
  • PC gaming brought a new light to Zero with DOOM, Quake, Halflife and beyond...
  • Zero got huge into TFC Classic (FPS) where he created and ran one of the largest and most well known TFC sniping clans in the game
  • Because Zero has an alternating availability, he's actually morning and evening guy. LOL. You'll see him 2 weeks a month as morning and 2 weeks a month as evening. We just love messing with your minds! (kidding!)
-- "WtK?!" with DJ Kelldan, Nareena The Gypsy and Coner ValloreSpecial Guest this week: Interview with Clyde Bielss of MindSurge Entertainment, the folks responsible for Control Monger.
  • Who is MindSurge Entertainement and what is Control Monger all about?
  • Discussions of news, the upcoming conventions and shows
  • More chatter about the other OGR shows that are up and coming. Dish on the DJ's!
  • How was your 4th? The WtK?! crew talks about the fun, the horror and the freaks on the 4th of July in the good ol' US of A.
--New Show!! "KoS" with Coner ValloreWe have a new show starting this Sat (10July05). Coner is hosting his own show right before the RaveCast. This will be Coner's twist on metal. Expect to hear a little  bit from Marilyn Manson to Rammstein to Lostprophets! He'll hang out and DJ the tunes to get everyone revved and ready for the RaveCast show right after KoS ends.Coner is known for his laziness. We asked him about game stats one day, and he explained that he'd look online. Nevermind that the CD's were on a shelf above his head, he didn't want to stand up to look!MMO's? This boy has played them all! His favorites include:
  • Ultima Online
  • EverQuest
  • Anarchy Online
  • Asheron's Call 1 and 2
--"RaveCast" with Leonai_art and LuxxThe "signature" show of OGR. TheRaveCast has been around since Online Gaming Radio's inception and it shows no signs of leaving us. Leonai and Luxx laugh at the silly things people do in the name of all things gaming... Then jump to chats from the latest game to the fastest CPUs around. Topics are fast, fun and usually... gone if you blink. No AFK's in this show or you'll lose your mind! Oh wait.. most of us have already. Too late!
Our current DJ show line up is:
  • Monday, 9am-1pm/4pm-8pm: "Gaming Under the Influence" with Psycho Avenger
  • Tuesday, 9am-1pm/4pm-8pm: "Gaming Under the Influence" with Psycho Avenger
  • Tuesday, 3-7pm/10pm-2am: "EQ2's Day" with Akira & Monte
  • Wednesday, 7am-10am/2pm-5pm: "Get X-stream" with Zero Tolerance
  • Wednesday, 10am-2pm/5pm-9pm: "Gaming Under the Influence" with Psycho Avenger
  • Thursday, 9am-1pm/4pm-8pm: "Gaming Under the Influence" with Psycho Avenger
  • Thursday, 6-9pm/1am-4am: "WtK?!" with Kelldan, Coner Vallore & Nareena the Gypsy
  • Friday, 9am-1pm/4pm-8pm: "Gaming Under the Influence" with Psycho Avenger
  • Saturday, 4pm-6:30pm/11pm-1:30am: "KoS" with Coner Vallor
  • Saturday, 6:30pm-10:30pm/1:30am-5:30am: "RaveCast" with Leonai_art & Luxx
(Times are Pacific Time/ GMT)   And don't forget to check out the new shows!
During any live DJ show times, listeners are encouraged to "call in" using Skype and get to meet our DJ's. So broadband users tune in by clicking the "Listen In" link at OGR, or simply enter the OGR URL into your WinAmp or other media player of choice. If you're an irc user, pop up your irc client and join the Gamesurge.net server and /join #OGaming channel for the listener chat while the show is on, or anytime. If you're not familiar with irc, you can also go to the irc java client and you can quickly be chatting with us, on the Gamesurge server, in the OGaming channel.We look forward to seeing you there. WtK, EQ2'sday, RaveCast, or any of the new shows. Come listen in and be part of the fun this week!

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Cant wait for the new show SMILEY
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