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With the recent Calendar addition to the In-Game guild window, I'd like to see an option to allow guild members or even people with subscriptions see this through Sony's website or a script that one cuold embed on their own guild's website.  Writable would be bonus, but just readable would be awesome.

Also, the fan site kit has been removed and I have no idea where my CDs are anymore.  I heard you could pop in a CD and get to it, but I'm sure it's so outdated and rediculous, it wouldn't be worth my time.

I'd like to see renders or photoshop images, pngs, etc to be added for the recent expansions.  By recent I mean DoV, SF, etc back to like KoS.  I'm very disappointed in the modules and additions that Sony itself puts out to the community as a Fan Site page. Sorry for being negative here regarding this but figure if there's huge changes going into eq2players then might as well aim to incorporate things like the fan site kits, other things to get people to brag about EQ2 aside from myspace layouts, and bring in a chance for people using CMS's or what not to make some great looking EQ2 sites as opposed to lame ones and people who are game shipping go with another game because they have better fan kit available.  WoW had flash images and a decent layout but I was just comparing.  Unfortunately my HDD crashed and I lost the EQ2 kit.

Being able to view a Guild In-Game Calendar would be huge

Guild Chat would be kind of cool if it worked so people didn't have to be logged into game in order to see guild chat

Fixing EQ2Players (obviously other threads regarding this) where Roster Master and such would work again for those on Unrest. 

Update Notes (already in place)

Quest Progress Tracker Module? (Probably have to be CMS specific but could get the community into making themes again for CMS out there like Dragonfly, Php-nuke, joomla, modx, e109, drupal, etc.

Better signature generator options.  Again one layout sucks.

Also, when I first started playing you offered the guild hosting, game chat, some other thigns but you required an additional fee.  I totally disagree with that and feel that an active subscription should suffice for guild leaders or fans (if required). 

/rant off (Hope you guys on the SOE web development teams and eq2players get some ideas

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