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Folks you are killing me, really the eye strain is starting to make my head hurt. To what am i refering to? The dark screen shots. Folks out there are creating some wonderfull houses and it just kills me to see these screen shots that are so dark that its hard to make out what is there.  Equip a torch allready. Take a few minutes to adjust the settings on each picture when you are picking witch ones to post. By adjusting the brightness / contrast / gamma / ect prior to posting, yes a few more minutes, the results will be sooooo much better.  Let us see the masterpieces of home decor that are out there.  /rant off

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Is it possible that your computer / monitor settings are the problem?

I have two computers, the first just doesn't work for viewing screenshots. Everything is dark and it's pointless to try. My second computer / monitor is great for viewing the shots. There hasn't been one in recent memory that I couldn't easily view.

We have many new decorators posting recently. I'm sure they are all thankful for helpful suggestions and constructive criticism on their decorating style and on their screenshots. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to do a tutorial with screen shot samples to demonstrate the best techniques.

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I agree with the orginal post. I HATE when people take screen shots and I can not see the details because the details are whats most important. Monitors only make a difference when viewing the screenshot not when taking, however, as a rule of thumb if its dark on your monitor it will probably be dark on everyone else's.

One good way to get around this is profit UI. It has a night vision feature that brigthens up evething in a dark room. When I go to lavastorm for example everything is way to dark for my monitor but with a flip of a switch I can see everything again. I'm not saying its a perfect solution but its works really well.

Another way to make a difference is to check the in game time of day. Night vs. Day does matter even in the homes. Taking pictures during the day may seem like it only makes a little difference but for the people viewing your pictures it can make a larger difference.

Anyways thats my little rant on how to take good screenshots for those who are trying to better themselves and their work. SMILEY


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