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I m currently leveling my first tank (played 2 healers and 1 regen) and i love my paladin. I m starting to think about his epic weapon. I have several questions:

First it seems to start in Freeport ... this is rather weird, hiw a good player is supposed to find out that a  frog should be freed from freeport jails ...  This kind of radom quest start is really very very much similar to 100% of Eq1 quests SMILEY

Second one of the epic/mythical buff is based on the paladin wisdom. Pre SF paladin spell damage was wisdom based so it made sense. Post SF wisdom was removed and stopped being an important car for paladins. SO i wonder if the wisdom buf have been replaced by something usefull .

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I'm unsure of the fabled epic, but the mythical spell/item had this changed to give you +spell/+heal based on your strength; if you're using http://eq2.wikia.com/ for your source remember details on there can be out-dated.

link these within game to double-check:

aITEM 438581840 1998801301:The Truth of Marr/aaITEM 1771025486 1998801301:The Truth of Marr/a

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