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I know there have mixed reviews/complaints about our endline ability manawall.  Is there anyway we can compromise?  Its a great tool for heroic content but it seems to fall a little short in raid content.  Even with power feeds..when we are lucky enough to get them before all our power is exhausted and a tinkered manastone, we pretty much never recieve the full 12 sec benefit.  Mine generally last about 5-6 secs.  With many encounters having a power drain the enchanters are already taxed trying to maintain the grp.  I experienced this the other night while fighting King Tormax.  I called for a mana feed and I got tells after the wipe that they had already cast their feeds on other people because everyone was out.  If you aren't willing to mitigate the incoming damage would you consider reducing the mana cost to 5%?  I don't see how that would greatly affect heroic content as in most cases its already running the full duration.  This would at least buy raiders a few more seconds to get those mana feeds up..or at least time to cast a replenishment, which atm we dont have.     

*Incidently, what's the stance on getting strikethrough immunity added to fighter stonewall abilities?  I know I've seen several posts across the plate wearer's boards.  I don't think I've seen a dev speak up about this yet, so any input would be appreciated.


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