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Halo of G4

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[email protected] DLere wrote:

The_Cheeseman wrote:

ranga wrote:

Western Wastes is indeed gone, destroyed, kaput!!

How do I know?

Well, we paid for it over a year ago and it still has not arrived. It was either destroyed or mislaid by the developers and Sony ran off with the money and delivered Gigglegibber games instead.

Enjoy your gg gold!

But seriously, I enjoy threads like this, having never played EQ1, it's good to see a little of the lore pre-EQ2. Makes me wish that I paid more attention to the books that I get for doing quests. I should really spend some time re-reading them all lol.

People like to say this, but the reality is that Destiny of Velious was originally meant to be the first of two expansions that would cover the continent of Velious. The reason we are seeing new DoV content still being released is because they changed their minds and decided to give the content planned for the second expansion to us without having to pay extra for it, and then release an optional feature-pack expansion instead (Age of Discovery). So in a way, we never really paid for the DoV 2.0 content at all.

The reality is that SOE so gutted the EQ2 dev team that they lacked the manpower and leadership to release the whole thing. 

While it's true that the staff of EQ2 has been gutted over the years, your reasoning on why it's a two parter is wrong. When you come up with new content the first thing to do is make a concept document. EQ2's overall story has already been established since the start (forgot the former devs name as of right now who came up with the basis of eq2's story), and it makes perfect sense on why it's a two parter based on the lore. Having the entire continent with half of it dealing with helping the dwarves deal with Tserinna, assisting yelinak and the thurgadin against the invading Rime, destroying the giants mounting army, the arrival of drunder. and the eventual defeat of Rallos Zek. Problem is, SoE messed up on a number of problems upon release of this content from itemization, balancing, bugs, and broken/unbeatable content. And I think giving a hard mode version for each raid zone only put salt on the wound.

Take a look at Witherlands, in terms of the how big it is, it's roughly the size of Kylong plains in terms of its x,y length. It also has rougly 5 more quests then Kylong Plains does.

The_Cheeseman wrote:

ranga wrote:

Thank you for your clairification lol. Perhaps you should dig a little deeper, your quote was from Nov '11 this is from Jan '11 from the webcast transcript on the same site you quoted (thx Feldon). Please don't tell me what YOU think HE meant. I have my interpretation thanks, I don't need any help in comprehension. It really was a joke, you are making it serious by getting so 'matter of fact' about it. Plus it seems my 'reality' AND 'facts' are somewhat more accurate  

"Question: “Is Velious as big as the original Velious in EQ1?”

Answer: “To try to do it all at once would have been a mammoth undertaking. We’ve decided to split it up into at least 2 parts. It’s going to depend upon what we discover as we do the next stuff over the coming year whether it stays as 2 parts. We’re not going to just cram everything from Velious EQ1 into Velious EQ2. We have some different ideas too.

  • Cobalt Scar and the Dragon Hatchlings are in Western Wastes which is not part of Velious part 1."

Then sometime after this, the field and the goalposts changed with F2P, the change to 'free content/paid functionality model', AoD and of course, P71! These are the reasons we didn't get what they promised when marketing Velious.

Considering all that was said in the quote you have posted is, "Western Wastes isn't part of Velious part 1" I think they provided exactly what they promised: a lack of Western Wastes. I don't mean to come off as picking on you, that is not my intent. I merely wish to stand up for SOE on this matter, for I believe they actually deserve praise for how the release of Destiny of Velious was handled, not derision (even in jest). Other seem to take this belief more seriously, and I'd like to counter that. SOE makes enough real mistakes, they shouldn't take heat for simple misunderstandings.

Also I would like to point out that it's not uncommon for designers, managers, or producers to misinterpret what the story writers intended.

Western Wastes has been destroyed by Kerafyrm, but that does not mean it won't be in the game eventually. Right now we're about to head into the Sleepers Tomb this September, probably to fight one of Kerafyrm's generals. We defeated his first general Vyskudra so led the invasion force against Skyshrine, so there are three remaining.

LU2012: Valve has bought SoE. EQ2 has been renamed FortressQuest 2 with Freeport and Qeynos respectively becoming Blu and RED base.

Added Raid Zone:

The Goldrush: Dwell into the depths of RED base to defeat the Heavy, a powerful foe that even the Nameless fears.

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