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The Raidalliance has been raiding on the Everfrost server since 2006 and has had success as a semi-casual raid force.  I use the term semi-casual because I'd much rather you be a good person and able to fit in with who we have, than be the best of your class.  Despite this, I expect a raider to know their class, be willing to accept criticism, and be willing to learn to improve their play. 

If you are interested in raiding, but do not want to leave your family guild, or you are in a guild with only a few high level players, then you are encouraged to contact us about raiding.  We have experienced a lot of losses in numbers over the last few months as interest in the game has waned and I am not particular about classes. 

The Raidallliance raids Tuesday and Thursday nights 9-12 eastern.  We use an open bidding DKP system for looting.  I need two groups of people to join us and be available for the duration of our raid times.  We would like you to know your class and be a competent player, or at least be willing to learn and continually improve.  Never be satisfied with being "OKAY". 

I would prefer to have healers, utility, and dps, but I will consider a tank class.  If you wish to join as a healer, please be  good at your chosen class.  I prefer level 92 players, but will consider any who are 90/280 or better and are willing to level to 92 as quickly as possible.  Since we need so many players, for now I willl take people for numbers, however if you have an alt that is a more useful or needed class I will ask you to level and switch to that alt.  Until you have that alt raid-ready, you will be able to join us on the less desireable class.

In January, we were working on HM DoV and EM Drunder, and now we can't put together more than two groups.  Once we get at least three solid groups we will start working on SS names and go back to start working through Drunder.  We are currently doing trash runs through the SS raid zones and helping our new raiders earn blue shards. 

Please keep in mind that this is NOT a pickup raid force.  I am not looking for people who want to raid sometimes with an alt, during their off nights from a hard core force.  I am not looking for people who are in it for themselves, and I am not looking for those who want a quick score.  This is a dedicated raidforce and I expect any raiders to be committed to the advancement of the alliance. 

We have set looting rules, which you will be able to read on our forums once you join.  We also have a trial period where you will earn DKP, and only be eligible for loot if our established raiders do not need it on their mains.  This designed to ensure that only dedicated players will get the best of gear.

If you are interested, send an in game mail to Raidalliance and I will get back to you.  We have active forums at www.raidalliance.com, but sadly I am unable to activate registration due to lack of full admin powers.  I will manually register you for our forums if you join us.

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